The DMK Trust has awarded its first grant to Abigail Isabel Burt. 

Abigail writes about her work:

“What is our position as animals in the Anthropocene, how are we connecting to the natural world and can we consider this differently?

Burt’s practice has recently been considering our connection with nature, and how we can enhance this in the city where the wild seems far away. Her latest work also looks at human-non-human relationship and responsibility. A bronze vulture sits above the bar in the heart of the city, looking down at a crowd who may or may not care that her species are endangered. Two pandas are forced to mate under the human gaze. Plastic infiltrates a sausage dog, symbolic of the care, control and destruction humans impose on nature.

Burt also approaches these questions by using material process in a format inclusive of the audience-She is interested in the engagement between artist and viewer, and how this collaboration can influence the outcome of the work, as well as provoke the audience into new thoughts or a deeper connection with the artist. The organic growth of the sculptures placed within the gallery directly respond to the flow of people in and out of the space. The collective collaboration of audience and artist also creates a higher awareness in the visitors to the making process, and heightens their connection with the work.

Past projects used bronze as the medium, to question the identity of the gallery space and allow a wider audience to engage with the bronze casting process, for example through the making of collaborative sculptures using objects that burn out in the furnace, casting the bronze as a live performance and then reconstructing the sculptures for a final show. It was a Winston Churchill Fellowship, for which she travelled to the Newari casters of Patan and among the Dhokra tribes of rural India, which inspired her to bring bronze casting into a closer sphere of engagement with artist and public.”



For more images and further project details please go to www.abigailburt.co.uk


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