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N69This website is dedicated to the life and work of the artist Donnagh McKenna who died in August 2011.

After his death a small group of people led by Charles Boyd, who has established a trust (together with The Worshipful Company of Founders) in Donnagh’s name, decided to gather together and catalogue, as far as possible, all Donnagh’s work, research his life and exhibitions – this effort has been led by Friederike Hammer. Most of the work started in 2012 and Friederike, with friends, has photographed and catalogued over 1100 works by Donnagh. Website and brochures designed Paul Brewin.

The DMK Trust awarded its first grant to Abigail Isabel Burt in 2019.

See more details under Trust and also Abigail’s website: abigailburt.co.uk

The DMK Arts Trust was founded in 2011 by Charles Boyd and The Worshipful Company of Founders to establish a legal framework for the preservation of Donnagh’s works. Further details can be found on the DMK Trust page.

We have produced a 12 page brochure for distribution; you can see and download it here (it is in PDF format): click here


An exhibition of Donnagh’s works is planned – so please watch this page or email us to ask to be kept up-to-date.

if you would like to contact us regarding the DMK project, offer support and/or information, or anything else to do with Donnagh McKenna please go to the contact page.

For a video  of some of Donnagh’s work set to music please click here:

Updated: June 2022